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Tattoo Removal



Erasing a college mistake, one laser treatment at a time


By Alexandra Tunell on Nov 25, 2014


Few things are more cliché than being 18, in your first year at college and wanting to prove your independence by getting a really awful tattoo. Which is exactly what I did and how I ended up with a large, misshapen, black horse on the back of my neck that I regretted almost immediately. Unless the subject of bad tattoos comes up, most people who know me don't know about my horse (which isn't as random as it sounds—I'd ridden my whole life up to that point) because I rarely wear my hair up. When I do, I'm constanly aware (verging on paranoia) of who's behind me—god forbid they think I like the thing. It's a depressing way of life for a beauty editor who would love try out a new braid, bun or ponytail every day.


I used to joke about getting it lasered off before my wedding day, but never thought too seriously about removal until I started working in beauty and learning about the newest treatments. Still, I'd heard the pain of tattoo removal was supposedly far worse than that of getting inked in the first place, so I put it off and told myself maybe it'd fade away on its own over time (yeah, not so much). Then, a few weeks ago...


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Karen L. Benz, DO, FACOOG

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